Version 28/09/2023

Terms and Conditions

  1. Consent and Acknowledgement
    • I consent to participate in Pilates and Functional Body Weight Exercises (the ‘Exercises’) with AnnaFit for the purpose of providing comprehensive Exercises as may be necessary in support of my health and / or wellbeing, fitness goals, illnesses and / or injuries (‘the Services’).
    • I understand that I have the right to decline part or, all of the Services provided by AnnaFit.
  1. Payment
    • I understand that payment for the Services provided by AnnaFit is due up front on or before classes commence. Payment for the Services provided will not be refunded upon cancellation after the term/first class commences. I acknowledge that if I miss a class or, if I am unable to attend a class, my payment will not be refunded to me however I will have the option to attend another class within the existing AnnaFit class schedule.
    • Only under extreme circumstances will payment transfers and/or extensions be applicable.
  1. Mobile phones
    • Mobile phones must be turned off or put on silent mode throughout the entirety of the class to avoid disruption to other clients.
  1. Health Disclosure and Risk

Heath note: If you experience any PAIN; this should NOT BE IGNORED. Please inform AnnaFit immediately if you feel any discomfort and / or pain during or after undertaking the Exercises. If you are PREGNANT, please advise AnnaFit before classes begin.

  • I am aware that my participation in the Services provided by AnnaFit, involves physical activity and therefore associated risks. I acknowledge that these risks are the normal associated risks involved when undertaking any form of physical activity.
  • I release AnnaFit from all liability and / or responsibility for personal injury sustained during any of the provided Services or, as a result of the provided Services. I acknowledge that I have made AnnaFit aware of any pre-existing injuries on the Health Information Form below.
  • I understand that any physical activity and / or exercise should be performed at a level that feels comfortable. If I have any pre-existing injuries, I expressly acknowledge that I have sought appropriate medical advice regarding the Exercises to be undertaken during the Services.
  • If any changes arise regarding my physical circumstances, whether positive or negative, I understand that it is my responsibility to advise AnnaFit. I agree to disclose any pre-existing, new or, progressive health problems while I am a client of AnnaFit.

If you have any questions please contact Anna at